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Description of SaveMySnaps

SaveMySnaps allows you to Save, Share and Send Snapchats, it also has features that snapchat doesn't.

When you view or save a Snap, the sender does not know until you ask SaveMySnaps to notify them.

<b>Snapchat Spam</b>

I have received many reports that people are being sent 'weight loss' spam. I can tell you that SaveMySnaps is not sending any of it. Check out this post on the TechCrunch website: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<b>Snapchat Hacked</b>

If you're a Reddit member, or have heard about the "SnapSave" database hack where 200,000 snapchat images were leaked, I can assure you that this won't happen if you use SaveMySnaps.

SaveMySnaps doesn't store or send any of your saved snaps or stories to any servers. Your username and password are only used for authenticating with the snapchat server (which allows SaveMySnaps to access your snaps to save) and your details aren't sent to any other servers. SaveMySnaps is NOT "SnapSave" it is a completely different application. If you would like to read up about the "SnapSave" incident, feel free to check out the Reddit article. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<b>Server Issues</b> (Denied the Request)

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>


<a href="" target="_blank"></a>


<a href="" target="_blank"></a>


Notifications are now instant, If you aren't receiving notifications, it is because you are logging in with your email. Please login with your username for notifications to work. I'm releasing an update to fix this soon!


SaveMySnaps might be going really slow for you. This is not an issue with SaveMySnaps, but the fact that the snapchat server is taking forever to respond. Because I'm not snapchat, I can not do anything about this. You'll notice that the official snapchat app is going slow as well. Hope snapchat sort this out.....

<b>Please Note:</b>

'Chat Messages/Chat Conversations' is not possible.

Friends can not be deleted or blocked, but Shared Stories can be 'Hidden'.

Some video captions can not be saved.

When you log into SaveMySnaps you will be logged out of the official Snapchat app, I can't do anything about this!


- Save Snaps and Stories

- Send Snaps from Camera and Gallery

- Forward a received Snap or Story

- Add captions to Snaps

- Draw on Snaps

- Caption Fonts and Colours

- Gallery to view Saved and Sent Snaps

- Remove ads by In-App purchase

- Share Snaps via Social Networks, Email or Other downloaded applications

- Special Drawing Effects

- Photo Filters

- Share Photos via SaveMySnaps

<b>Try QuickSave for Snapchat</b>

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If this application is removed from Google Play, it will be available to download from: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Disclaimer: I do not work for Snapchat, nor do I endorse the use of Snapchat.

Usage Agreement (Not Complete): By downloading and using SaveMySnaps you accept that I (the creator of SaveMySnaps) do not accept any responsibility for anything you do with SaveMySnaps or anything that happens because of the use of SaveMySnaps. You also agree that you know it is against the Snapchat Terms and Conditions to use any third party applications which connect to Snapchat.

Please refer to <a href="" target="_blank"></a> for complete Usage Agreement.

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Aptoide Bot avatar
Lima Charlie 4 years ago

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no longer compatible with new version of snapchat. account locked.

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Art Sadiku 3 years ago

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fuck your mother

Aptoide Bot avatar
Hisham Alsaadi 4 years ago

Reply to Aptoide Bot

dose it work?

Aptoide Bot avatar
Connor Pennell 4 years ago

Reply to Aptoide Bot

Did work but not letting me log in?

Aptoide Bot avatar
Quemekia Whatley 4 years ago

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can't even log in

Aptoide Bot avatar
jjennayyv1 4 years ago

Reply to Aptoide Bot

it worked in the past but now it's not logging me in!

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Aptoide Bot avatar
Jay Fitz 5 years ago

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can you somehow remove the ads please. i know you done your best to put this on aptoide but can you somehow remove these annoying ads?

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